I’m Vita Taormina. In addition to making traditional four fold stock ties and designer pre-tied stock ties, I also create bags, purses, housewares, quilts, accessories, wall art, and more. If you are a quilter, I also have longarm quilting service. 

I started my shop to delve into a new venture of creativity in my life and to begin a gradual change of lifestyle. I love making beautiful and unique things and throughout my entire life I have always been interested in arts of all sorts. I think what has attracted me to quilting, sewing, and fabric arts so much is that I also love things that are useful and serve a purpose. I find the beauty of form and functionality combined in sewing and quilting to be one of the best and most interesting aspects of the art.

If you would like to contact me regarding any questions or a custom order you can do so through my DogstarAndOutfoxed Etsy Shop and you can see my ready to ship items and other available fabrics there as well. All Outfoxed items can be viewed via the Shop Page on this website as well. 

If you are curious about my quilting, please visit my other website at Dogstar Quilts – Thank you!